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Years of coffee, tea, red wine, and berries can leave your teeth not as white and bright as you'd like them to be, and we at Sensible Dentistry are here to help. We're pleased to offer custom take-home whitening kits to safely and effectively brighten your smile. Are you ready to dazzle?

What Are the Causes of Tooth Discoloration?

As the years go by, the natural aging process and years of exposure to highly pigmented foods and beverages can leave one's teeth looking stained and discolored, as can smoking and the use of tobacco products. Other factors leading to stubborn staining include trauma, using certain medications, or excess exposure to fluoride during childhood. 

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening involves the application of a bleaching gel directly to the tooth surfaces. The gel's active ingredient, typically hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, breaks down, forcing oxygen into the tooth enamel and dentin. The oxygen lifts the stain molecules, brightening your smile without harming the structure of your teeth. 

It is important to note that not all stains respond to whitening treatments in the same manner. Yellow stains from highly pigmented foods or tobacco use typically produce spectacular results. However, gray or brown teeth resulting from trauma or the use of medications do not bleach well, and neither do discolored restorations, such as fillings or dentures. If teeth whitening is not ideal for you, Dr. Evans may recommend a different cosmetic dentistry solution, such as porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding. 

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available, including peroxide-based trays, whitening strips, gels, and do-it-yourself kits. There are also whitening toothpastes and powders that contain abrasives that remove some surface stains. 

Even though many over-the-counter products promise dazzling results, none come with the strength and effectiveness of dentist-supervised professional whitening treatments. Worse yet, some of these products can significantly damage your gums and cause severe tooth sensitivity. For the best and safest results, consider teeth whitening under the care of your dentist. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

We are pleased to offer take-home professional whitening kits custom-made for your smile's unique specifications. Each kit comes with custom trays made from impressions of your teeth, four syringes of premium peroxide-based whitening gel, and complete instructions. 

Simply place the whitening solution into your trays as per the instructions and wear them for a few hours each day. You'll be amazed at the stunning results. Once you reach the desired level of whitening, just wear your trays every now and then to maintain your smile's sparkle. Your custom trays will fit perfectly and are ideal for use in the comfort of your home at your convenience


Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening treatment under the care of a dental professional is a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry treatment. Some individuals report sensitive teeth, but the minor side effect should resolve soon after the procedure. Most safety concerns associated with teeth whitening result from the use of over-the-counter or do-it-yourself whitening kits.


Teeth Whitening Near Me

If you're looking for a quick and simple cosmetic dentistry solution to transform your smile, contact Sensible Dentistry of Canton, TX. Our custom at-home whitening kits will safely and effectively erase years of stains and discoloration, revealing brighter, whiter teeth and a stunning smile. Contact our office at 903-807-0475 to schedule an appointment or request one online today!